Selling Diamonds At The Right Time

where to sell diamonds
where to sell diamonds

The diamond market has been one of the strongest indicators of the world economy and the rising demand for high quality diamonds has led to a similar boom in the secondary market for these precious stones. From Africa to South America, diamonds have controlled the economy of several nations. Emerging superpowers such as China and India have fueled the growing need for diamonds. Production centers such as Russia, South Africa and Venezuela continue to meet the demand for diamonds. As a result diamonds are traded at significantly higher prices than even half a decade ago. If you are looking to sell diamond jewelry, diamonds or are considering selling jewelry for cash, the market for pre-owned diamonds is one of the most lucrative sources of cash today.

Industry Trends

Diamonds are an important part of the jewelry industry and high quality diamonds are used in rings, watches, pendants and earrings. Since the financial upheaval in early 2008 and the subsequent recovery in 2010, more people have chosen to sell their diamonds for cash in order to take advantage of the high prices of diamonds. Diamond sales have always been subject to a degree of speculation. Several traders tend to offer prices that are too low to benefit you. Like gold, diamonds have a relatively stable price index that has seen steady growth since 2010. The years between 2007 and 2009 marked a crash in the prices of diamonds. It was at this time that several individuals with disposable incomes chose to invest in the secondary diamond market or with a diamond buyer. Today, that investment is paying off because diamonds found in vintage and heritage jewelry and vintage diamonds themselves, are in great demand.

When to Sell

Choosing when to sell your diamonds is no easy task. Unlike other commodities, the primary and secondary diamond markets are strictly regulated and controlled. Therefore, increasing prices indicate that there is no better time than the present to sell diamond watches or jewelry. For diamond buyers, it is a time when they can offer their customers the maximum benefit for their jewelry and diamonds.


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While speculation about diamond prices are an unreliable way of investing in this precious commodity, trends indicate that the diamond industry has put its bad years in the past and looks forward to a new period of stable growth.

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