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Diamond Grades And Their Significance – Who Buys Diamonds ?

who buys diamonds
who buys diamonds

Have you seen diamonds being labeled as ‘D’, ‘E’ or several different alphanumeric grades? Are you looking to sell a diamond but do not know anything about its characteristics? If you are looking to sell diamond jewelry and diamonds, it is vital to know the characteristics, especially the cut of the diamond. The value of a diamond can be determined by a qualified and certified gemologist to arrive at the accurate value of the precious stones. This determination is based on the cut, color, clarity and weight of the diamond. Although these characteristics may be numerical values, professional diamond buyers such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers choose to inspect and value a stone independently to verify its worth before buying it.

Diamonds are graded based on their clarity and color. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has created two scales to help people understand how diamonds are valued:

The Clarity Scale: All diamonds possess a natural degree of clarity. Naturally, the higher the clarity of a diamond, the higher will be its net value. Diamonds are viewed under 10x magnification and inspected for inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are tiny bubbles, specks, holes or other matter that appear within the diamond under magnification. External lines, pricks and scratches are termed blemishes. Diamonds are graded on a scale between FL (flawless) to I (inclusions). When you sell diamond jewelry or diamonds, a diamond buyer such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers conducts a careful inspection of the stones in order to value them accurately.

The Color Scale: Diamonds are also valued based on their color. While black diamonds are nearly priceless, white, or clear diamonds are the most popular stones on the market today. When your diamond is brought to a diamond buyer such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers, it is examined for its color. The GIA diamond color scale is an alphabetic scale that rates diamonds from D to F for colorless diamonds, G to J for nearly colorless diamonds, K to M for faint color diamonds, N to R for very light colors and S to Z for colored diamonds. It takes an expert’s eyes and special equipment to determine whether a diamond is a D, E or F. Most diamond certificates will list the diamond’s color and cut, but it is important to have these scale values verified by diamond buyers.


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