Steps To Sell A Diamond

Sell diamonds online
Sell diamonds online

If you would like to know where to sell a diamond, you are in luck. Estate Large Diamond Buyers, a diamond dealer headquartered in Los Angeles has years of experience in how and where to sell diamond jewelry that will help anyone asking the question “Where can I sell my diamond ring?”

In these tough economic times, we are sometimes forced to sell some things that are precious to us in order to take care of those closest to us. At such times, those who do not know where to sell a diamond may sometimes resort to selling it online for a very meager sum, compared to its true value. Estate Large Diamond Buyers levels the playing field by making selling your diamond to a reputable buyer as simple as a few mouse clicks. We have been rated A+ by the BBB, for our simple user friendly business approach, since we are the only diamond dealer where, to sell a diamond is a simple, 3 step process:

  • Step 1: Provide details about your diamond

“I want to sell my diamond ring” is not as helpful as “I want to sell my diamond. It is colorless, oval shaped and has certification.” Needless to say, the second person would sell his diamond faster. Details like the color, shape, clarity and certification of your diamond will help our appraisers determine the worth of your diamond, and speed up the sale considerably. To provide details of your diamond now, visit our website, at and fill in the form on the right.

Of course, to most people, the worth of a diamond does not lie in its physical attributes alone. If you are thinking, “I want to sell my diamond to a person who can appreciate its sentimental value,” then Estate Large Diamond Buyers is definitely the dealer for you. We are a big enough company to be reputable, but not so big that we do not understand things like the stories each diamond ring contains. That is why our appraisers are always very generous when valuing items like engagement rings – to leave room for the story the diamond contains.

  • Step 2: Let our qualified Diamond Appraisers contact you

We, at Estate Large Diamond Buyers, employ the best diamond appraisers in the country, who specialize in determining the value of a diamond. We can guarantee the best price for your diamond and offer to match any price you get from any other dealer in the country.

“But wait,” you may argue, “why would you give me a high price when you know I want to sell my diamond? Would the price go up even more if I were not trying to sell my diamond ring?”

We recognize that there may be a conflict of interest when our diamond dealers are also our appraisers. That is why our appraisers always value your diamonds with no strings attached. All you have to do is complete steps 1 and 2 and you will have availed of a free appraisal for your diamond.

  • Step 3: Get cash immediately

Once your appraisal is over, and your diamond is verified. There is nothing left to do but collect your money. It is that simple. Now that you know how and where to sell diamond jewelry, you are only 3 steps away from having hard cash in your hands. What are you waiting for? Estate Large Diamond Buyers have offices in Nevada, California, Michigan and Illinois and agents all over the country. You can connect with them on their website or blog