Selling Jewelry For Profit

Over the last five years, the American spending pattern has seen a shift from a reliance on credit to a more cautious reliance on cash. Individuals and families who have come through difficult circumstances such as a job loss, injury, hospitalization or similar financial or personal crisis choose to sell jewelry or sell watches to a reputable diamond buyer in order to pay for their expenses.

The Demand for Diamonds

The rapid increase in the demand for diamonds and diamond jewelry in the United States is a reflection of the global diamond market. The increased appetite for diamonds as luxury items has spread to countries such as India and China, pushing up diamond prices by 17-20%. Now is undoubtedly the best time to sell jewelry, watches and large diamonds. There are several channels through which you can sell watches or diamond jewelry. Pawnbrokers and online auctions offer to buy jewelry but come with their own risks. An honest, reputable diamond buyer will offer you the best price for your diamonds, jewelry and timepieces while ensuring a secure sale.

Why Sell Watches and Jewelry?

The prices of gold and fine jewelry fluctuate based on the global market. Following these daily and monthly fluctuations can be a challenge. The diamond industry, in particular, is prone to periods of growth and slumps that last 2-3 years and selling jewelry to a trustworthy buyer during periods of growth is the smart way to maximize your profit. People with disposable incomes choose to make significant profits by selling jewelry for cash when the market is on a high and buying during the slumps. For others, selling at a time when diamond prices are at an all-time high is a safe and profitable way to sell to a diamond buyer.

Where do I sell jewelry?

While searching for the best place to sell watches or sell jewelry, it is important to locate a diamond buyer such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers who offer the best prices for your diamonds while ensuring that you do business with professionals whose expertise and experience stand on par with the best that the industry has to offer. When you sell your jewelry, it is important to ensure that you are well-informed about the buyer, their Better Business Bureau (BBB) credentials and accreditation. While many buyers will speak of their expertise, selling jewelry to experienced and certified buyers guarantees the security of the transaction. Look for buyers such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers who have presence in several states including California, Illinois, Michigan and Nevada and carry A+ credentials with the BBB. When offered a choice between online valuation and ‘in-person’ valuation, it is advisable to get your diamonds and jewelry valued by an expert from your buyer. Buyers such as Estate Large Diamond Buyers buy large and small diamonds and offer tips to sellers on their blog. It is also important to get a second opinion if you are not sure about the price you have been quoted. Lastly, it is important to work with buyers who have the authorization to pay you at the time of valuation.

Choosing the right buyer is the first and most important step that guarantees a hassle-free selling experience and maximizing the profit from the sale of your jewelry.