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Looking for a trustworthy Jewelery appraiser who buys Jewelry? If you want to sell Jewelery quickly, look no further. You have come to the right place!

If you have a collection of fine jewelry and are looking to sell diamond jewelry or a diamond ring that you no longer wear or is damaged, this is an excellent time to consider selling.
We are experts in diamond engagement ring valuations. Besides answering any questions you may have, we also offer you free advice when you are looking to sell engagement ring or designer brand name jewelry.

Selling engagement rings can sometimes be a daunting task and emotionally draining, especially after a divorce or breakup. Estate Large Diamond Buyers provides professional, fair jewelry appraisals. You will be able to realize much more money from your valuables using a reputable and well established, nationwide jewelry buyer like us. A lot of times, we have found that our customers want to upgrade their diamond that they have on their initial engagement ring; and selling an old (or even broken) engagement ring is an excellent way to recoup some of the money as diamond jewelry have strong resale value.

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When Submitting Your Form, Remember To Provide As Much Details As Possible

Such as: Your diamond ring color, clarity, cut, and carat (weight). These are the most important factors in determining the value of your ring. You can get all this information from your existing Jewelry Appraisal Certificate. Providing as much detail as possible will ensure not only that our initial offer will be quick but also that you will get the most accurate valuation for your diamond jewelry.

Be Careful Where You Sell Your Precious Diamond Jewelry!

 Often, local jewelers, online buyers and pawnbrokers, do not have the necessary knowledge or years of experience to offer a fair market price. Selling diamond engagement rings online to a company like us allows you to have your jewelry appraised by a team of jewelry buying experts with years of experience in the jewelry industry. Our diamond and jewelry buyers know how much your valuable assets are really worth and will provide you with a fair market evaluations.

When you sell diamond rings to Estate Large Diamond Buyers, rest assured that you will receive maximum value for your valuables. We buy diamond rings of all kinds including: Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Rings, Princess Square Diamond Engagement Rings or any Fancy (Heart, Emerald, Triangle) Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings.

If you are in an unfortunate situation and are wondering...How to sell wedding ring after divorce then we understand your delicate and sensitive situation. Selling engagement ring after divorce is not easy. We realize that by selling a wedding ring, either due to divorce or job loss, may create an emotional strain on you and we want to make that stress reduced as much as possible.

We have jewelry buyers all over USA. You can sell diamond engagement rings to us at any of the major metropolitan cities such as: Chicago, Detroit, Michigan, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, and all other places in between because we have diamond jewelry buyers nationwide.
So, save valuable time and stop wondering...where to sell diamonds or diamond ring for cash? Contact us to know more about selling your diamonds.

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  • We can walk you through the process and make it the most comfortable experience and at the same time make serious offers to buy your precious Jewelery items. All of our evaluations are going to be the highest and accurate making it easy for you to not only come back and sell to us but also refer others to us.

    According to Wikipedia, jewelry have been treasured as gemstones and used as adornments for ages. We are your jewelry ring buyer specialist, so, if you are wondering where to sell a jewelry or how to sell your jewelry ring then we can advise you and walk you through the entire jewelry sale process - just as we would to a friend.

    We value your confidentiality and your security is at the heart of our proposition to you. We are fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. If you are looking to get immediate cash for your jewelery then we look forward to serving you soon.

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