Get Instant Cash For Gold Jewelry

Selling Jewelery For Cash
Selling Jewelery For Cash

Are you looking for buyers of gold jewelry who are willing to pay cash for gold ornaments or coins? If so, then look no further than Estate Large Diamond Buyers. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Estate Large Diamond Buyers is one of America’s largest buyers of gold, and has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years. In that time, our transparent business dealings and fair evaluations of jewelry have earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If you want to know how to sell gold coin at the best rates, you can rely on Estate Large Diamond Buyers. In this uncertain economy, selling gold has become a trend, with many Americans hosting ‘gold parties’, where they sell their gold. Here are some tips that the BBB have given to people who are wondering how to sell gold coin:

  • Read the fine print

Too often, people fall prey to fraudulent buyers on the internet and accept them as genuine gold buyers without reading the fine print. Good steps to take include insuring your jewelry and not sending it without knowing exactly how long you will have to wait till you get your cash. For gold ornaments, know exactly how long your buyer plans to keep your jewelry before melting it down, as this is often the reason gold buyers purchase ornaments.

  • Shop around

A better solution to the above problem would be to not sell your gold online. Remember, your ornaments are worth more than just the weight of the gold in them. In all probability, the workmanship and artistic value of the ornaments including its embedded gems would make the piece of jewelry worth much more than the mere weight of the gold it is made from. A good idea is to have it appraised by a professional. Although this may cost money, it will give you an actual figure on what your ornament is worth. Alternatively, you could compare several quotes you receive from various buyers of gold. One of the best gold buyers in America today is Estate Large Diamond Buyers. We offer free appraisals on your jewelry and can better or match any price a rival dealer could make for your ornaments. Read more about us on our blog and website


Know the value

While trying to figure out how to sell gold coin, it would be advisable to check the current market price of gold using websites like A buyer may be aware you are just looking for some quick money and may offer you money that is less than what the gold is worth.

Understand the scales

Gold is measured in troy ounces, which is measured in pennyweights. A pennyweight weighs a little over 1.55 grams. Make sure your dealer does not try to cheat you by weighing in pennyweights, but paying you in grams.

Know your karats

Since pure gold is too soft to be used, it is often combined with other metals. The Federal Trade commission (FTC) requires all jewelry sold in the US to describe a karat fineness of the alloy. It is illegal for any jewelry less than 10 karats to be labeled ‘Gold Jewelry’.

You can avoid unethical gold buyers, and turn over your gold to someone you can trust, like Estate Large Diamond Buyers. We will get you’re your gold evaluated and paid for in the shortest time possible, and that is a promise as good as gold.

As reputable diamond buyers and dealers we have worked hard to earn the trust of local Las Vegas residents and that is why we are proud to display our A+ standing as an accredited BBB diamond brokers of Las Vegas. Call our LA offices at (213) 488-3378 and find out why we have been the most reliable place to sell gold jewelry for cash in Las Vegas for over 25+ years.