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Diamond Grades And Their Significance – Who Buys Diamonds ?

Have you seen diamonds being labeled as ‘D’, ‘E’ or several different alphanumeric grades? Are you looking to sell a diamond but do not know anything about its characteristics? If you are looking to sell diamond jewelry and diamonds, it is vital to know the characteristics, especially the cut of the diamond. The value of […]

Mistakes To Avoid When You Sell a Diamond Ring

When you buy or sell diamonds or diamond jewelry, it is only natural to look for the most trouble-free experience. For many, the search for the perfect deal is often rife with difficulties as many diamond buyers offer a lot of incomprehensible jargon-filled information or none at all. Before you sell your diamond, it is […]

Selling Diamonds At The Right Time

The diamond market has been one of the strongest indicators of the world economy and the rising demand for high quality diamonds has led to a similar boom in the secondary market for these precious stones. From Africa to South America, diamonds have controlled the economy of several nations. Emerging superpowers such as China and […]

Where To Sell Diamond Jewelry for Cash ?

In any family diamond jewelry is always highly prized. They are almost always bought on special occasions and therefore have a high emotional value attached to them. Adding to this is the fact that diamonds are a valuable commodity in their own right. Their prices have soared and their value does not fluctuate much in […]

Selling Jewelry For Profit

Over the last five years, the American spending pattern has seen a shift from a reliance on credit to a more cautious reliance on cash. Individuals and families who have come through difficult circumstances such as a job loss, injury, hospitalization or similar financial or personal crisis choose to sell jewelry or sell watches to […]