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Steps To Sell A Diamond

If you would like to know where to sell a diamond, you are in luck. Estate Large Diamond Buyers, a diamond dealer headquartered in Los Angeles has years of experience in how and where to sell diamond jewelry that will help anyone asking the question “Where can I sell my diamond ring?” In these tough […]

How To Sell Gold ?

Gold is a commodity that has proven to be a good investment in these times of economic turmoil. Stocks and shares go up and down and gas prices have seen their share of fluctuation, as has the dollar, but measured against the price of gold most commodities have stayed remarkably flat. Still, most market advisors […]

Where To Sell Diamonds ?

In the modern age of ultra convenience, it can be tricky to know exactly where to sell diamond jewelry without getting cheated in some way. Of course, it is not the same situation as it was, decades ago, where, to sell jewelry was a risky profession in itself, and where, to sell diamond jewelry without […]

Top Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry

During a recession jewelry stores find it difficult to sell gold, since most of the public are no longer buying ornaments, but are opting to sell jewelry – gold jewelry, in particular – to pawn shops or similar places where they can be assured of getting a realistic amount of cash for gold. Many people […]

How ‘Cash For Diamonds’ Works

Today, as many Americans struggle to make ends meet, ‘Cash for jewelry’ advertisements seem to call out from every newspaper and hoarding as if they have something to sell. Engagement ring owners can testify that diamonds normally sell themselves. So why are there so many people keen on offering you money to buy them back […]